Who’s coming?

These folks have proposed a session and/or registered for the Metagogy Unconference on March 24-25, 2017, beginning 9 a.m. on March 24 in Doty 302E:

Paul Schacht
Jun Okada
Alan Witt
Beth McCoy
Claire Gravelin
Courtney Owen
Marissa Reed
ML Pipes
Laurie Fox
Emilye Crosby
Gary Towsley
Kirk Anne
Becky Lewis
Celia Easton
Lytton Smith
Joe Cope
Kirk Anne
Kyle Matthews
Dave Parfitt
Sue Chichester
Yvonne Seale
Josephine Reinhardt
Suann Yang
Sam Cardamone
Peter L. Corrigan
Doug MacKenzie
Ken Kallio

They’re all good people to spend time with, as is Matt Gold, our keynote speaker from CUNY Graduate Center, who’ll be talking at lunchtime (over free pizza!) about “Open Teaching: The Promise and Perils of Networked Digital Pedagogy.” Why not register yourself? Or even propose a session?