Current Self-Advisement Prompts

1. Looking ahead (before first advisement meeting)

Before your first meeting with your adviser in English, add some thoughts in the space below about your plans and aspirations. What are you hoping to get from a major in English? Are there career goals that you think the major will help you advance? Are there particular topics you’re looking to learn about or discuss? Are there particular skills you’re looking to develop?

2. Checking in (from time to time — no later than pre-grad check meeting junior year)

Come back to this section periodically. In the space below, add some thoughts, as they occur to you, about what you’ve been getting from the English major. Can you make any connections among the courses you’ve taken? Have you developed any new interests or skills since beginning the English major? New career plans?

What’s the major adding up to for you?

3. Looking back (before graduating — degree will not be awarded if left blank)

Sometime in your senior year, add some thoughts below about what you’ve gotten from the English major. Have any meaningful patterns or connections emerged from the courses you’ve taken? What do you plan to do after graduation and how might the skills you’ve developed and ideas you’ve encountered in English help you accomplish your goals?

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