Creating Dynamic Slide Shows in PowerPoint and Keynote

Prof. Kyle Matthews (Languages and Literatures) proposes a session in which he’ll share some techniques for building dynamic and interesting PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, either for use in class or as standalone videos. His session will be geared toward the Humanities and Social Sciences, but could easily be adapted to Life and Physical Sciences by someone with more content knowledge in those areas.

Session Proposal: Interactive Quantitative Analysis with Jupyter Notebooks

Kirk Anne, CIT, proposes a “share a skill” session on using Jupyter Notebooks from Project Jupyter, an open-source project that supports interactive data science and quantitative computing in several programming languages. Jupyter notebooks are meant to be collaborative, shareable, publishable, and reproducible. They allow users to “create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text.” Using Jupyter notebooks, one can explore and analyze data in a number of ways. Learn how Jupyter could be used in a classroom setting to explore data and reveal information.